For Loop Tracking (Windows Progress Bar)

I know that many people consider for-loops the devil, but every so often I get lazy and I use them in the office.  Sometimes it’s nice to keep track of how far through the loop R has gone.  A couple years back I stumbled upon a post where I learned that a Windows Progress Bar could be created:


Unfortunately, I have no idea where I got this code snippet, so I can’t give the proper source.  Anyway, here is the code:

###### Initialize the Progress Bar
pb <- winProgressBar(title="Example progress bar", label="0% done", min=0, max=100, initial=0)
###### Modifying the Progress Bar (using setWinProgressBar function)
for(i in 1:100) {
	Sys.sleep(0.1) # slow down the code for illustration purposes
	info <- sprintf("%d%% done", round((i/100)*100))
	setWinProgressBar(pb, i/(100)*100, label=info)
###### Closing the Progress Bar

Created by Pretty R at

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